Wednesday, October 18, 2006


AKAM Breaking Down

The stock (AKAM) was downgraded today by some 2nd rate firm and is now getting poleaxed by sellers, down 5.5% on the day. However, it is nearing its 50 day moving average and may find support at $46.16.

At these levels, under $47, AKAM looks cheap and could see a bounce tomorrow.

NOTE: I have no position in AKAM, but may buy if it dips to the 50 day.

UPDATE: Fuck it. I am not going to touch AKAM today. It has the falling knife feel to it.

any thoughts on yahoos bottom. I have been pecking away for a while now.
I fucking hate YHOO. It reminds me of AOL. I think the only upside is a buyout--which is possible.
YHOO looks to be putting in a nice bottom around 23 today. From 23 I think you have about 1.5 down and 9 up. Good ratio in my opinion. Anyone here like WU at all? Just curious on a 6 month outlook.
I own WU from the spinoff and love it.

However, I think you will lose on YHOO.
since u hate my yahoo play..what about CEPH..i have had extreme patience and have bought in the dips in the 50's but I am getting too greedy or is this headed back to 80?
Sorry, I have no handle on CEPH.

Withing pharma, I own DNA, GILD, FRX, PFE and ABBI.
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