Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Closing Comments

Unstoppable bull charge.

I am seeing a lot of buying in select internet names, on the heels of YouTube selling out to the Googsters. Stocks like KNOT, DIET, RATE, ADAM and QPSA are on fucking fire. I guess the speculation is that YHOO is going to make an acquisition to prevent their fucking death spiral from happening. Seriously, YHOO is the new AOL.

Also, since oil is going down the drain, retailers are incredibly strong. With my money, I like WFMI, despite killer spinach, and PTRY.

All in all, the market looks fantastic. However, I must admit feeling this way, right before previous potfolio annihlilations. So, with that being said, I always consider a bull market suspect, until I cash in my chips.

NOTE: One of my biggest dogs, ERS, had a huge move today. Considering the massive short position, I think its worth keeping on the radar.

reported a miss. They suck.
VOXX missed big.
DNA beat
LM guides lower
CPKI beat

Yo Broker... how's the weather up in Staten? I'll be heading to New York in two days. It's pretty damn hot and humid here in Hawaii so anything less than 70 degrees is freezing for me. do i take some profits and buy me a sweater?
hey broker` whats it all about?

I own dna at 84-
You'll be ok.
low 60's.

However it feels hotter.
O crap o la broker I foget to tell you I brought last year at the beging of 05 at 48- and held it all the way, so this is a second time on their dime...lets say..

Broker you still didn't tell whats it all about ?
What's what all about?

If you want, I can speak randomly too. As far as I know-- "it" looks like a clean break to whatever price it may want to go to.

Considering, I am in much lower, this time I ride for free.
Oh, don't forget to buy or sell it at whatever price you may think or feel it goes lower or higher.

If you do that, then you can't or won't lose.
Haha that shit sounds like a nigerian e-mail or spammer e-mail hehe.
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