Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Closing Comments

Call me crazy, but I got scared when I saw the headline "Plane crashes into NYC building." I have been itching to short more ATHR, so on the "accident" news, I pulled the trigger.

The market had a difficult time digesting hawkish Fed comments, coupled with a potential act of terrorism. As a result, despite big numbers out of LRCX after the close, I feel comfortable selling some stocks for a trade.

The red flags in today's market were the brokers and asset managers, led by LM and AMTD. It goes without saying, the market cannot continue to run, without the Financials.

On the flipside, today's surge in the Semi's was very encouraging for the bull story. I suspect, barring confirmation that terrorism was to blame for today's "accident," the bulls and bears will battle for control of the broader indices tomorrow.

The bears will point to LM, while the bulls will pump LRCX.

Needless to say, we live in interesting times.

UPDATE: Get the fuck out of here! The airplane was piloted by Yankee pitcher Corey Lidle? Fucking Yankees.

NOTE: Had the Yankees done their job and beat the Tigers, this tragedy would never have occurred. Weird twist of fate.

UPDATE II: Listening to the LRCX CEO on the conference call is lowering my IQ. This guy is so full of shit, he is single handedly driving the stock into the red. The qt. is not nearly as good as first reported.

I brought OEX and QQQ puts all deep in the money!
Was that you that called Mad Money tonight pumping EQIX? Cramer didn't know what the Fuck it was. Stupid ass, too much time on Connan and Leno and not enough time in the trench.
No it wasn't.

Cramer not knowing EQIX is ridiculous. He calls himself a money manager?
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