Thursday, October 12, 2006


Closing Comments

Everyone I know is shocked by the extent of this rally. All of the dumbest people I know are making the most money, while the "intellectual" types are getting blown-the-fuck-up.

All of the guys who are trying to outsmart the market are feeling some serious pain now, short U.S. equities; while, Joey Bag-o-Donuts is bankrolling and buying a new Benz. How you doin'?

Too many smart fuckers are short stocks. They are stuck and dying in a reverse death spiral. Furthermore, because of the markets momentum, coupled with a lot of smart guys short stocks, this run is likely to continue-- until max pain.

Yesterday, I bulked up on my ATHR short, but luckily was spared today--as the stock barely moved. Even though things look great, I still feel it makes sense to start setting up some shorts. There is going to be a day, sometime soon, when Joey Bag-o-Donuts stops buying the dips and the smart and miserable fuckers take control.

Again, just to recap:

The market is not done going up because of massive short interest and new money sloshing into U.S. equities. Moreover, look for stocks that are too extended and start selling into rallies, like today.

For now, I will look for quick trades, in order to be flexible and to be more like Joey.

NOTE: My EQIX position looks the best out of all my tech stocks.

Cramer got lucky this time around for a change.

Anyway, I guess he will brag how he called this rally and he will say its going to go higher. That will be good point to start some short positions

Cramer did call this move correctly.

He certainly knows stocks and I am sure is capable of making great market calls. Its the caricature of himself on Mad Money that is the root behind all the criticizm.
somebody auto break into cramers site and post a clown picture by his name, I wounder why it hasn't happened yet you get some monied trader to pay a few geeks to do the job, for kicks it should be worth at least 10k!

And broker..Fuck merrill and f u to palm---looking good at 16+ today, broker I did a flyby and soaked up 5000 shares at 14.7- --

broker stop useing the f word so much...i know your from the island but kool it-
Fucking virgin eyes.
Looking forward to your short ideas as you see 'em; I appreciate it. I've sold all the longs I want to sell and I keep feeling the urge to fold on shorts that work and having to fold on shorts that don't. No guts on building a short position up here to any size. Bizarrely, long alt energy is working again.

Looking at ELON as a trashy company on fundamentals currently bid up to top of range. Trashy means small, obsolete tech, money-losing. Waiting on it. Long MDTL puts.
Alt energy is working, weird.
Broker A,
I think Mr.C just gave you props on EQIX.
Nice Job!
Hey, MCNS finally got the expected plunge today. Blood in the street there.
No explanation for the steady climb in MNCS and no explanation for the sudden plunge. I just assumed it would finally go down if I gave in and bought some. I'm glad I resisted the urge. :-)
I always said whoever was controlling it would go to jail. Now, they are getting his bunk ready, as we speak.
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