Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Don't be a Gambler

Everyone is trying to position ahead of earnings. I know guys who are short YHOO and long YHOO. Both think they will be right and cash in their winnings tomorrow-- following a stellar or dismal report.

But, in my opinion, they are both idiots. Unless you have inside information on a specific earnings report, buying or selling ahead of earnings is a gamble.

My rule is simple: Unless the economy is in expansion phase, which it is not, I steer clear of earnings.

Now, let's say YHOO smokes the estimate and they project sunny days. Why not pay up the next day for certainty of strength, instead of flying blind?

As for INTC, I find it hard to believe their "price war" with AMD is over and done with in one quarter. I could be wrong, but I think INTC may disappoint.

The stock market is nothing more than a gamble. Like when you went long vlo back at $48, nice call.
Mr. Broker

I am sorry man, I am a huge fan of yours. please dont post my who is again. Many people were giving me death threats and callING me. I spent lots of money on security and Im scared for my life. I am just a fan of yours and I hope I could work for you. Please forgive me, can we be friends.
can we be friends?
We can never be friends.


phase. it's phase.
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