Friday, October 13, 2006


Eminem: Stan

Have a great weekend.

Knock, knock. Come on! A Fly is always buzzing...even on weekends.

Tell me. Do you take requests for your opinion? If so, I would like your opinion on WIRE and NXG. What will it take to get them moving north? Thanks much!
Instead of WIRE, buy CSWC. They own a chunk of WIRE and many other good companies. Plus, they own 43% of Heely's-- soon to be hot ipo.

I do not like the metals. So, I can't get behind NXG.
Thank you for your opinion. Never heard of Heely's. Will do some DD on it. When are we gonna get together for that BBQ? I like flies, even if they didn't tell me what it would take to get WIRE and NXG moving NORTH!!! :) Check out my website LOL!
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