Monday, October 09, 2006


Fly Buy: EQIX

I bought 2,000 EQIX @ $63.70.

UPDATE: Here is an article I wrote on EQIX, earlier this year.

Our old friend MNCS did a 39 cent move today (up of course). I understand that they have just about closed the deal on their first "buy here - pay here" used car lot. They are looking to become the biggest "BH PH" used car sellers in the country.
Life is good for the folks at MNCS.ob.
I know you have bought & sold EQIX previously, did you hold onto any shares or is this a 'new' purchase? If you still have shares from before, do you mind saying your cost? And finally, where do you see EQIX heading to (are you trading for just a % gain, or just winging it?)

Sorry for so many questions, just curious as a holder of EQIX shares.
I do not believe I bought EQIX, while writing on this blog. However, I own the stock for about a year, with an average cost basis in the low 50's.

I am a long term holder.

I will update this post with an article I wrote on it earlier this year.
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