Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Fly Sell: ATHR

I sold short 5,000 ATHR @ $22.10.

VIX just hit 12.
How about short yahoo bef earnings it always drops after earnings
Shorting YHOO before earnings is very risky. I thought about it too but 3rd quarter is usually very good for YHOO and the recent drop does not setup for a good enough risk/reward for me. Strangle me be a better play on it.
I caved days ago on ATHR - I recall you were the one who, about a month ago in some other situation, gave me the solid advice: "Well Jerome, we were just wrong". Good luck on it; I suppose INTC may save it.

On a brighter note, what's with GLBC? Buyout speculation in sympathy with BWNG? Increasing value of dark fiber?
how bout buying peix or fto as a play on opec cutting production on thursday?

Acor could be another short play for a quick buck drop it usualy does intraday
Any good small cap copper plays?
GLBC is on Goldman's conviction list. I like it here.
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