Friday, October 13, 2006


Fly Sell: EQIX

I sold 6,000 shares of EQIX @ $65.55.

Ran up quickly, so you take a profit and think it's coming back down?
Broker I know you are not a big YHOO fan but what do you make of the big volume today and it going up on a downgrade?
I still own EQIX, long term. However, on the shares I just bought a few days ago, I wanted to scalp a quick profit. I am unsure as to the near term direction of the stock. It looks great.

YHOO earnings are coming up. Typically, YHOO has a blowout 3rd qt. But, they already warned. I see limited upside in that pig.
Here's why YHOO is going up:

Yahoo!-YHOO moves higher on takeover speculation-Rumor
Shares are moving higher on takeover speculation following a Q&A session following Goldman's Internet conference call. The chatter circulating is that CMCSA or T could bid for YHOO, but we suspect the comments were taken out of context.
Thanks thanks thanks on YHOO. Knew something was going on. So I just want to extend a nice welcome back to the dippers who must have just slept in this morning or got snowed in. Anyway welcome back dippers do you have your DOW 12,000 diapers on?
T is already in bed with YHOO.
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