Friday, October 06, 2006


Late Day Thought

Cramer's stocks under $10 guys are assholes.

umm why? I just let my sub expire about two weeks ago and am out of that loop. Figured when they had a change in 'managers' it was not a good sign. No notice of why he left or anything. Just seemed to disappear from the old Realmoney site in general....weird.

Let's invite them over for a BBQ and do a Maria on 'em! What say you Fly? I'll bring the steaks!
They started this VSTH rumor bullshit.
ooh this caught my eye, and I HAVE TO SAY THAT IT IS SOO TRUE< THEY ARE WORSE THEN CRAMER!!! I followed these suck ass bastards since they begain and except for a few good winners most have been big losseres, we are talking 50 60 70 % loosers...they are the pits!
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