Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Position Updates: DNA, ACLI

I have nothing but praise for these two stocks. Frankly, I don't foresee anything getting in the way of DNA and ACLI from moving higher. I especially like them going into earnings.

Good core holdings.

Are you hearing this BUD rumor that caused the spike this morning? Any more news?
Oil under $60, watch for the dip buyers to step up towards close.
What makes you so confident in DNA through earnings?
Here we go it is do or crash!!!
I like drugs.
OUCH AA missed by 15 cents...
Both DNA and ACI are good breakout bets. But good old MNCS made another 6 cents today - still going and going and going.
Thank You. I was on the fence on buying into earnings you pushed me over I got in @ 85.50 today. Thanks for the nudge.
Don't thank me until its up in the AM.

Even if its down, I like the DNA story, long term.

Also, under a democrat gov't, drug stocks do well.
AA sucks balls
Looks like DNA is trading down, due to weaker than expected data on a few drugs.

I wouldn't bet on any considerable weakness.
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