Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Position Updates: VLO

If you are long VLO, like me, days like today make you want to sell the stock and take the hit. If you have limited resources and are more interested in swing trading, rather than longer term investing, selling VLO might be a good idea.

However, with my money, I intend on incrementally buying more as it dips. I will probably add to the position if it hits $45-46.

NOTE: "I intend on incrementally buying more as it dips"

I can't believe I fucking wrote that. That would make me a "dip-buyer" wouldn't it?

Do you ever "buy write" or hedge using puts? I'd be careful with this one because if it doesn't catch a bid around 50 it looks to me like its next normal resting place is around 30 and after that 15.
30. 15?

You must think oil is going to $20.
John Wheatcroft,
You must be dreaming about oil reaching those levels anytime soon. The demand is growing faster than ever.
I am not putting a ton of trust in Cramer at all but he issued a video today talking about how we are at an inflection point here. What do you guys think about that? He is also touting oil again. Seems like he is at one of those points where he was really long on tech and is now trying to back out of it. Thoughts?
Oil is going down down down down
Unitl something happens, which could happen anytime.. Looking for a long position soon in VLO
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