Friday, October 06, 2006


Position Updates: VSTH, ATHR

Although these are minor positions of mine-- it still hurts when the market double fucks you on rumors.

VSTH is getting its fucking head sawed off because it's rumored they may lose the deal they enjoy (33% of revenues). Plus, if GOOG buys YouTube, that merger may throw a wet towel on VSTH's chances of inking an ad deal with YouTube.

ATHR is going up on rumors of an LBO offer. Please, give me a fucking break.

Bottom line: I am staying the hell away from VSTH, fuckers.

But, I may bulk up on my ATHR short.

can you tell me whats your favorite sites to get stock information and news
What do you think of LVLT Long position with the GOOG you-tube possibly going through.
I'm long LVLT on that angle, and the fact that Cramer is likely to bang the table on it today. Re VSTH, waiting on a vol spike before establishing any long position. Looks like it could see 5 by the close.
IS LVLT overpriced at $5.00 + ??
I don't think LVLT is overprices. But, I think there are better ways to play Youtube, such as: FDRY and EQIX.

This fucking VSTH looks like its going to close at zero, by days end.

I heard the stocks under $10 guys alerted their subscribers to sell, since VSTH management did not return their calls, regarding the Myspace deal.

That is the reason why the stock is getting raped.
Here comes the dip buyers... or maybe it's shorts covering. Or both. Whatever... this week sucks. I exited ATHR last week since Cramerite stocks do well in bull markets. Of course, rumors don't help at all, especially for these Cramer picks since a lot of these investors jump in on ANY rumor (too excited... I used to be one of them)
A lot of folks have Monday off and many of them left for a long weekend around noon. Apparently they shut the machines off when they left - both the Q's and small cap volume was way off. The GOOG buyout of YouTube is a rumour being promulgated by a blog. That's scary -

Anyway maybe semiconductors will be a good place to be next week. If we use GS as a proxy for the market as some suggest I'd suggest that the market took the day off.

VSTH might come back on Monday - it rebound pretty strong off the low of the day.

Have a great weekend.
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