Monday, October 16, 2006


Quick Alert: Dow 12,000 Imminent

Believe it or not, the DOW is nearing 12,000-- which many bears believe will be the new "top" of the market. Assholes! I must say, the bears are a pathetic bunch, in general. They really do expect the best, but hope for the worst.

For a bear, nuclear explosions coupled with hyper inflation and a housing meltdown is a fucking wet dream. Don't get me wrong, I short stocks too-- in order to hedge my long positions. But, I never beat off to bad economic data, like some of these fuckers.

In short, betting the house on a super decline, after we already got one in 2000, is ridiculous. For now, the market is going higher, live with it-- bitch.

NOTE: Wallstrip officially launched today. I really like what these guys are doing. Good job and good luck.

I'm not sure what you think about Barry Ritholtz, but I'm in the camp who believes he is a serious knob job. For some reason I really dislike the guy. Don't get me wrong I mix and mingle with lots of bears but none of them are as annoying as he is. A real top shelf asshole.
No, no no.

I know Barry personally, and he is a great guy, trust me.

I remember when the market was shitbagged in 2002 and he was the only guy I know who was calling a bottom. Guess what, he was right.

I do admit he recent bearishness is a little much, but he discloses zero exposure to shorting stocks.

So, he may believe the market is going lower, but knows better and is patient enough to wait for a breakdown.

As you know, predictions are absurd, since noone knows what the fuck they are talking about.

Just take it day by day.
I won't call 12,000 the new top but I bet they stomp on it today when it touches 12,000.

BTW, thanks for the kind owrds about WallStrip!
Who knows
Yahoo says it's already been touched. I'm confused.
The "guys" at Wallstrip? I much prefer Linday over Maria or Liz!
Nope. Not yet.
My bad. The guys and gals over at Wallstrip did a good job.
broker a how about a quick energy update. I likey dee action.
coming up next.
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