Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Quick Alert: The Fed Hates Stocks

Once again, the assholes at he Fed wreck-a-rally. They made all sorts of alarmist comments regarding inflation and are aiming their guns right at your portfolio.

Damn them.

Let's see if the psychopath dip-buyers stick their necks out.

Not so fast there Broker. The dip buyers are flying in to save the rally. These things just never go away. They will buy a steaming turd as long as it is dipping.
True indeed.

As I said before: Dip buyers buy stock all day, everyday, because it's fun.
It is fun - damn it! - I like making easy money - don't you?

Of course I was flat all but a handful of YHOO at the comments.
Shorting RACK right here.
Time to put the dip buyers in there place.
The market is in the process of fucking itself.
There she goes!! take here down boys!!
Careful. The dip buyers will be back. I understand they went to get more money and will be right back with buy tickets.
why is ERS worst Alum. stock today?
I understand its because of AA , but AA is down 5.2% while ERS down over 9.2% just by association?
Short this dog now, last chance going red ladies and Gents a deep shade of red.
ERS is heavily shorted and will fuck you when AA is down.
What are you shorting, RACK?
Here come the dip-buyers with new money.
dive dive dive
Just got a call from the dippers and they just turned onto Wall. They will be there any moment after visiting the ATM. They ignored the 10yr and they missed the Fed Minutes they said.
Thats dirty money them dip buyers have, LM money, AA money its weak and going down.. down cheap gas and million dollar homes it doesn't matter today.
RIP Mr Dip-buyer
Dodging weaving, we need to take down the Trannies while I hit the Brokerage houses. Take her triple digits boys, them dippsters are weak. To much Alcoa in their heads.
Long GOOG and ahort everything else.
It's going to get real messy in the last hour. Thats a promise.
False alarm, plane crashed into building on Upper East side. Let the dip buying continue. VIX went to up 4% though. A small event could take this market down big.
Wow ERS just getting screwed by few hundred share sells. I am losing my A$$ here.
Fucking plane into building. Fuck.

God Bless those in harms way.
dip buyers are here, bye bye
this thing is going green,unreal
Why fight the tape? Doesn't make sense to me - There are 8000+ funds out there buying every dip and selling every rip. I watch for 1-2% drops and then wait for the funds to start buying - it is such an obvious and profitable trade it is almost like stealing. My couple thousand shares isn't noticed and I can move in and out a lot faster than the the big boats.

Besides they telegraph nearly every move. Look at the TICK on a 4 minute chart at 12 minutes to 3 for an examle. That says - "buy now" - it's a thing of beauty.

Call me a psychopath or whatever you want - I'm just making a living playing the ball as it lies.
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