Friday, October 13, 2006


Quick Alert: SuperBull

Stocks are ripping through any form of resistance in their way, as the DOW steam rolls the sellers-- on its way to 12,000.

The sector that is just ridiculous today is the Semi's. Many of these stocks are up more than 5%-- as short sellers get bought-the-fuck-out by margin clerks.

The stock that stands out the most, to me, is LRCX +6.7%.

Despite my bearish sentiment on the semi's, it doesn't look like anything can stop these runaway trains today.

Have you taken a look at SAI?
New IPO today, looks like a great way to play homeland security and the war on terror. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
North Korea/Iran/Venezuela/etc,etc
Well thank god we made a new high again or CNBC might has shit theirselves. This fucker is looking just like MNCS. Hell GS is looking like MNCS as well. Take a look at this:;range=1m;compare=MNCS.OB;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;logscale=on;source=
I will take a look at SAI and other ipo's this weekend.
SAI is just another defense stock looking to be absorbed by one of the big three (L-Mart, Boeing or NorGrum).

The easiest way is to go public so the shareholders (the employees) can get a piece of the action without a lot of legal paperwork. Despite the fact that "homeland security" is in the news lately it is drastically underfunded and the defense companies are in a no win situation - a single customer (US Gov) who is going broke because of an ill advised investment in a foreign land is sureptiously stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Consequently the only way the L-Marts, Boeings et al can make their horrendous daily nut (60 some mill a day 365 days a year for L-mart) is to swallow up small companies as cheap as they can. There are literally no large contracts up for bid this year (unlike years past) no new huge weapons systems no nothing but a 700 mile long fence and maybe some crumbs from the port security bill the guy in the white house just signed.

Bottom line - there are better opps out there in the market place. Me - I'm waiting for Visa.

Have a good weekend. (Oh and I used to work for one or two or maybe all of these guys - day trading is less stressful).

Well said.

However, I do believe Gov't funded aerospace contracts are still on fire. Also, the NAVY has been underfunded for years.

GD and NOC should be the winners in Navy.

As you well know, "Homeland Security" is all about making M1a1 battletanks and Aegis Destoyers.

We must bulk up on Aircraft carriers too, since the Indonesian and Chinese "navies" are making "subs."
Good info. Thanks.

Mini-DOW Futures Day Trader
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