Thursday, October 12, 2006


Quick Alert: Too Bullish

No, it (the market) doesn't feel right. The upward climb to 12,000 is leaving many complacent and unaware of impending risk. Although, I am not a bear; I do feel the market is overheating-- at this point.

If shorting is your game, now may be a good time to look for some good setups.

Everything looks like it is on the edge of a cliff, short away.
But really doesn't even matter at this point? The entire herd is just throwing money at anything. What will it take to bring this market back to normal levels. We are up what 1200 points since July 17th without much of a dip. At this pace we should be to 13000 in no time.
Please someone punch Erin Burnett for me. Oh gotta get to 12,000 oh oh oh. As if it matters to that bitch.
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