Monday, October 16, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Energy

Don't look now, but next month's nat gas contracts are trading at $8.19!

Additionally, with the price of crude stable, oil stocks are being accumulated-- in a big way. Just a few weekes ago, I loaded up on VLO, as the knife was falling. Many of you thought it was a mistake buying it (VLO)-- as CNBC brainwashed the masses into believing oil was done. Now, all of a sudden, oil looks good.

With the weather getting colder and Iran acting bolder, oil looks poised to hit $70 before $50.

Besides traditional oil/gas companies, its worth noting breakouts in alternative energy stocks, such as: PEIX, MGPI, IPSU, ARTW, ENER, ESLR, VSE and ADM.

The natural gas stocks I like are: SWN, CHK, NGAS, BEXP, GGR, NGS, TXCO, GMXR and COP.

As for oil, I like: CEO, VLO, SU, HYDL, UPL and CNQ.

The following Energy stocks have mojo:

ESLR +15%
DNE +9%
USEY +6.8%
PEIX +6.8%
SWN +7.3%
BEXP +6.6%
MEK +6%
GGR +5.6%
LNG +4.3%

Anyone here like DVN?
DVN is my favorite of the group
ard rocks
how bout NBR and its potential to go private?
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