Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

Today, the market is mildly to the downside, thanks to the fucknuts at AA. Also, tonight LRCX is reporting their 3rd quarter earnings. I consider Lam's numbers key to the semiconductors-- as they are likely to set the tone for the sector.

If you are a bear, you have to love the mismanagement at LM-- with their monster earnings miss. I firmly believe the market will plunge if we get too many bad reports. So far, I am not impressed with the quality of earnings.

As for the semiconductors, they're having a big day, up 1.1%. It appears the dip-buyers are out in full force today, buying the hell out of stocks like RMBS, AMKR and SLAB. With my money, I have little desire to buy any SOX stocks. I believe the fundamentals are weakening and are at risk to disappoint on earnings.

My favorite sector is still the Networkers.

The following Semiconductor stocks have mojo:

SIGM +12%
RMBS +11.3%
SGTL +11.2%
FSII +5.9%
AMKR +4.9%
ARMHY +3.2%

Tell me about it the dip buyers are so out in force today. The DOW should be down way way more than this on those earnings. How long do you think these dip buyers can hold out?
For as long as it works.

Meaning: If the bears ever met their buys with sells, the dip buyers would go away. But, they don't-- so they come back.
what do you think of your ATHR short through earnings? I can start a short here at $20.50 after the recent "i'm gonna be next" rally, how do you see the odds of me (and you) getting hosed on 10/23?
Well, I have just left it there. I consider it a small position and will bulk up to bring my cost in line when it looks exhausted.

So far, I haven't seen any signs of let up.

However, I do hear a lot of good things about this qt, I am unwilling to cover-- before taking a profit.

When I short more, it will be enough to get me out quick-- if it dips thereafter.
Have you been playing the squeeze over on PEIX? I was wandering your thoughts on how long you think the squeeze could continue.
No squeeze action for me.
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