Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Transports

The Transports are up big this morning (+1.5%), led by stellar gains in SWFT, JBHT and YRCW. In my opinion, a rally in the Transports is the best indicator of a healthy market, since they are the engine behind America's economy. So, it's good to see the Trannies run.

We are also seeing ridiculous gains in the Homebuilders (+3.4%). The usual bullshit stocks are up. I hate that group.

The only signs of weakness today are in the Networkers (-1.1%), which have quietly offered tech leadership during the recent rally. Granted, many of these stocks are up big over the last three months. Nonetheless, seeing stocks like CIEND and INPH get knifed, on no news, kind of sucks.

Finally, I anticipate the market will slowly drift higher, as investors position themselves for the beginning of the earnings season.

UPDATE: Apparently, the fuckers at Citi were "uninspired" by CIEND's analyst day. Fuck You.

CIEN no new information out of analyst day@SBSH
Citigroup found CIEN's analyst day "uninspiring" and they feel it's too early to get a read on the quarter as it is typically back-end loaded.

The following Trannies have mojo:

SWFT +8.4%
CLDN +3.4%
JBHT +3%
LSTR +2.8%
CHRW +2.8%
ODFL +2.8%

I hate to keep pushing short ideas, but until the market corrects a bit... Here's a new one: PHTN - LCD test systems. They aren't much in the Taiwan guys and LPL (big PHTN customer) just announced ugly loss, guidance, and capex reduction. 2007 guidance features revenue decline and net loss. Stock accidentally drifted upward 30% since July, until today... What do you think? I think it retests July lows.

something about PHTN scares me. Maybe its the abrupt selloff today or the fact that they may beat eps estimates this qt.

I don't know.

But, from a pure chartist' standpoint, it looks to be heading lower. I just wouldn't short it now. Too small cap and subject to wild swings.
CMGI reports after the close today. Any thoughts? Does that horribly beaten down stock have upside potential?
don't like CMGI.
To anyone long this rally... do you honestly feel comfortable carry your profits into earnings season?

Hey Broker A... do you have a list or screen for high multiple stocks that have piggy-backed this rally? I'm looking to profit off these flying pigs.
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