Thursday, November 16, 2006


Closing Comments

All of the "Fly Buy" posts prior to this one is part of my asset allocation program. Approximately, 1 million dollars will be invested. As you can see, I make sure it will be well diversified.

As far as I am concerned, today's action was lackluster. I lost money in MVIS, SNDK and VLO, while making a few coins in ADBE, CNVR and RIMM. By the way, RIMM is on its way to $200.

Aside from the mind numbing declines in oil related stocks, I thought the market bored its way higher. After the close, there were a few earnings disappointments, namely from SBUX.

My best guess is for more of the same tomorrow.

NOTE: It appears the momentum players are becoming impatient with MVIS. My approach is longer term and I will buy on all dips, fyi.

You are now an "asshole" dip buyer?
No. My trader is.

I just bark orders.
So, you can bark like a dog, eh? LOL!

btw, does your "trader" do HTML? I am having a problem with my site.

Also, I am long RIMM as well, although some investors that I know think I am crazy for having that sentiment.

Better to be crazy than insane I like to say! :)
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