Monday, November 20, 2006


Closing Comments

Wow, what a close on SNDK. Believe me, I am not shilling for the fuckers at SNDK-- it just looks and feels like it wants to ramp.

Also, I would like to thank the pain I felt-- when short BRCM and SiRF. Without it, I doubt I would have covered them and I probably would be fixing to jump down an elevator-less elevator shaft-- right about now.

I sense the market is setting up to fucking roast the sellers, for Thanksgiving. Please, if you are short, grab a hedge or two.

During today's action, I was most impressed with the Semi's. Aside from my fav, SNDK, I liked the bullishness in MRVL, NVLS, BRCM, TER and WFR.

Bottom line: This is a bull market, bitch.

NOTE: Despite MVIS sucking rocks, I am confident that it will turn up-- sometime soon.

MVIS is pulling back on low-volume which may prove to be a good thing.
Great site!

Curious as to your fascination with MVIS?

I've been watching it for awhile since I started reading your blog; my feelings are as follows:

Things I like:
* 2 dollar share price

Things I don't like:
* Losing money
* Lack of growth
* Questionable product line

I concede to the fact that I may be missing something, but this appears to be a risky bet on a shitty(?) company.
How 'bout that EQIX as well. New 52 week high, up almost 3% today, and nearing $75.
I still own EQIX and it looks great.

Next stop 80.

As for MVIS:

It is just one of those pie in the sky stories that I believe in, for now.

I believe the new management will execute on its promises and the projector phone will be ready by Jan.

If so, the stock will be 5.
Anonymous- the things you dont like are why the share price is only $2 at the moment. Looking forward if the company shows growth and profit then it will be too late to get in at the present price because it may be double digits by then. The max risk is 2 while the reward could be far larger. Look at RIMM around this time in 2002 when it was 4 dollars for instance.
Good points on MVIS guys (gals?), thanks for the followup.

2 other things I like are that they are involved in barcode scanning which will only continue to grow, and the potential of being a takeover target.

Thanks again.
The company will be made on the projector phone, not barcode.

Check my archives, I put a video of Microvisions technology on this site.
If you want the scoop on MVIS from the company, check out this presentation. Will only play in Internet Explorer.
George Guilder loves MVIS. I haven't followed the story since they kicked the old management team out. I always hated the stock because they were a serial PIPE issuer. And they'd always wait until they were nearly out of cash to tap the market, which guaranteed them the worst possible fucking terms and max dilution.

I dont' get the run in MRVL yesterday. I listened to the call and came away feeling there's tremendous execution risk ahead in integrating the INTC assets. And if the founders have to resign due to stock option backdating, look out below.

Somehow, I stumbled on your site last week. I like it.
if you like chips, take a look at the chart of ATHR. higher highs and higher lows for two months. it's a thing of beauty.
I hate ATHR.

MVIS rocks.
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