Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Closing Comments

After today's session, I am convinced this market is now being led by degenerate gamblers, right out of Atlantic City. Vegas is too high end for these fuckers.

Seriously, my intra-day screens are showing rampart speculation in penny stocks and fucking Chinese names. People are literally buying stocks because the word "China" is in the company name. If that is not fucktarded, I don't know what is.

Naturally, because micro-caps are exploding, my MVIS did exceptionally well, up 13%. However, I got poleaxed on SNDK-- which really pissed me off today.

All in all, I had a big day, up 1.8% for the day.

As for the general market:

Everything but Biotech and Semiconductors did well, especially Internet and Steel. My best bet is for more green tomorrow.

Lol- I will be buying China when nobody wants it again- the blood will be on the floor again.
It always has been like this total greed followed by total fear.

But the fucktard comment is classic indeed.

I have begun to wonder when the downside hits if the hedgie funders have enough money to cover those losses after they eat through the rich folks capital. But the goldsachs ones will have the other side to collect all of that alpha seeking underwater fundies...

Bigger sheep, bigger shears.

Grind away and make some hay!
CHL down again too. One of the few arguably investible ones. Must be selling that to load up on chinese B2Bs and biotech stocks.
check out the ANZ last five days and tell me you cant make a buck off this
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