Thursday, November 30, 2006


Closing Comments

Even though I enjoyed nice gains in VIP, EXP, RIMM and several other stocks, I can't get excited about today's trading session. With the wheelbarrow dollar losing value everyday, the market is vulnerable to a sharp selloff.

At the same time, I feel the energy sector is the only place to invest, right now. It is an effective hedge on a declining dollar and may hold value in the face of a broad market decline.

Today, I witnessed a mind boggling run up in the Homebuilders. Stocks like SPF, PHM and MTH flash fried the "broketarded" shorts. I still feel CORS and EXP are great ways to play the Homebuilders, without actually having build the fuckers.

In addtition to the "homies," select Metal stocks had big gains, such as ERS and TIE. I suspect takeover speculation is fueling those fires.

Bottom line: Today had the feel of major short covering, instead of natural buyers. Until the dollar firms, I will stick with the oils.

NOTE: Can someone get this for me.

Did you see the short squeeze go down in TSCM?
over 2 million short prior to today.
1.5 mil traded today
You may not like Cramer but his new book combined with him canceling his radio show to add more video updates to his website should bump traffic to Add rev should grow as his popularity only seems to grow by the day.
As does yours by the way!-fucker
I agree. TSCM is in play.
Broker, or anyone else:

Can you recomend a good core mutual fund for an IRA with an anticipated retirement in 30 years?


Paul Wick's tech fund.
I like PSPFX. Natural resources. Gotta have 'em.
There's a strong inverese relationship between treasury yields and the bomies. The rally in bonds today probably explains alot of todays move. Even so, 20 minutes before the close I couldn't help myself and shorted a bunch of CTX. The fundies still suck, and 1.2x book is the high end of its range since they bottomed in July. It's a pretty risky bet since everyone that wanted to sell the stock has done so. Even so, going with my gut that it gives some back. Energy is definatley going to keep working at least until this blizzard about to kick the Midwest's ass passes. Bought some USO this a.m.
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