Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Cramer Defends Himself, via E-mail

Cramer responds to website that rips his mad "advice" to shreds.

Funny stuff.

He spells light_ning round with an e where the space is. What a joke.
A quick survey:

Overall, Cramer good or Cramer bad?

I'm curious to see what the readers of this blog have to say.

Cramer has made me millions.
Yes, the "lightening round," where he teaches how to lighten up the dollar value of ones trading account.
Cramer is useful. When he gets really pessimistic about a sector - time to buy. Like oil about a month or so ago. Really giddy - time to sell. He tends to get on trends when they're about 75% over.
10:06 anon nails it. Couple other websites have noted that if you were in cramer's picks 4 weeks prior to recomedation you would be crushing the benchmarks. On the reco, not so good.
Not sure if he should be rated as good or bad. His show is entertaining at times. After a few viewings his act gets a little old. He does give the beginning investor some things to think about. However, when it comes to specific stock picks no one should act on anyone else's picks without doing their own research. A couple of my bigger regrets are not listening to him about GOOG or SHLD. In both cases I thought the stock was already too high when he was screaming it would go higher. GOOG was around 90 and I thought he was nuts when he put a target of 350 on it.
Cramer is a fag and will be just a passing fad when the market take a prolonging dive. He has a winning record because of his popularity among new investors. He does teach them the basics of investing. Last night, he talked deeper on that front, about mutual funds moving a stock like XOM. Basically, what he mentioned and buys, newbies pile on, which further advance his AAP records. He made just as many terrible calls as great ones. If he so pounded on the table on GOOG since the 90's, why didn't he get some for his AAP at 200's, 300's, etc.. He got lucky on SHLD because he got in very very early(inside info). For all I know, he may have slept with his buddy at SHLD at that time. I do watch him from time to time only on Tivo, so that I can FF most of the time when he started to endorse a stock(winking of an eye). In short, he is mad. I don't think even the broker is that crazy when trading with real money. Although he is getting close to being stock guru like Cramer with all his winning picks...that's a compliment!

Cramer's value add is that he talks to big hedgies, analysts and sell side trading desks regularly. IMO, when he recommends something, many times its because he knows hedgies are accumulating or the sell side is pumping the fuck out of it. Why else was he correctly pumping money-losing, single digit midget optical stocks last spring (BKHM, CNXT, AVNX, etc.). It wasn't because the fundies were right. He just happened to recomend them during the only two month period in the last five years those stocks worked? I don't think so. I think he KNEW the shares were under accumulation by one or more big players. Same with CPST in alternative energy space. It's a money losing piece of shit company, but as he pumped it it went up for a couple of months.

In short, when he pumps money losing pieces of shit they are ususally good short term trades. And the reason is because he knows one or more big players are accumulating. Just my opinion.
Cramer did'nt get to where he is by being a total smuck and
he is extremely entertaining to a point. (Approx. 10 to 15 min).

Has made me money and lost me money. He offers his disclaimers like any good pro and hell anybody that buys off a stock tip without doing their own homework is the real idiot here. So why is this guy such a lighting rod ???
Check out this new IPO. May be the next youtube.

Gofish is a recent little known IPO so expect the price to move up very fast once retail and hedge funds jump in. This is similar to what Youtube was only a little over a year ago and Youtube was acquired by Google for 1.6 billion recently. Then compare that valuation to Gofish and you have a stock that should be much higher.

From website:

“GoFish, an early entrant into the user-generated video sector and first publicly traded company in the space, provides people with an online platform for uploading, sharing, searching for and watching videos from around the world.”

The stock is cheap at $2.75 while the site attracts 2.5 million unique viewers per month. The growth is picking up fast and the private placement of 12 million should be enough to rapidly expand the company. By then it will be to late to get in at current price levels.

From gofish:

“GoFish is a leading Internet video network and community, with millions of unique users every month. With a combination of user-generated content and branded programming, GoFish is attracting an expanding audience of video viewers and content producers resulting in the accelerated growth of a global community built around the GoFish brand. According to research by eMarketer, the market for online video advertising is expected to grow from $385 million in 2006 to $2.35 billion by 2010. According to COM Score, in August 2006 110 million people, 63.6% of all U.S. Internet users, streamed video online.”

Recently they hired some talent straight from Yahoo. Here is an excerpt:

“SAN FRANCISCO - November 14, 2006 - GoFish Corporation (GOFH), today announced the launch of a branded entertainment division and the appointment of three new hires to run it. C.J. Bowden, David Fisch and Lori Macias joined GoFish as vice presidents of Branded Entertainment. This news follows the company's recent announcement that Peter Guber, chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, joined its board of directors.

Bowden, Fisch and Macias have established a solid track-record of working together. Most recently they were co-founders in a Los Angeles based start-up that collaborated with creative talent in the development of original programming initiatives. While at Yahoo!, for a combined 15 years, Bowden, Fisch and Macias helped develop, manage and sell Yahoo!'s Front Page, community properties and branded entertainment business, which included Apprentice, Contender and Entertainment Tonight.”

This could be the best trade going into 2007.
don't post that IPO shit here, who are you, lead underwriter? Broker will be pissed.
Fuck you anon at 12:04. I think that is a fine post, if Broker doesn't like it he can fuck off too. The only thing Broker is going to be pissed about is selling his sndk.
Amen! anon 12:36
Now that's funny.
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