Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Fly Sell: SNDK

I sold 10,000 SNDK @ $44.77.

UPDATE: I sold 15,000 SNDK @ $44.71.

Thoughts on SNDK? Holding on or selling all?
I am selling most of it.
note: not long sndk.

from SNDK q3 06 10-k:
"In 2007, we expect high capacity mobile card demand to accelerate, particularly from the adoption of MP3 music, camera phones with three to seven mega pixel resolution, and the emergence of video in handsets as seen with the “YouTube” phenomenon."

-I agree with the bald retard that people are much more likely to adopt watching youtube short clips on a cell phone than a whole 30 min. TV show.

"We believe that the cooperation with Best Buy is indicative of the desire of major retailers to develop a compelling alternative to Apple’s iPod.'

-#7 on amazon best selling electronics list (at time of post)

"We have begun supplying Disney with preloaded movie cards on SD cards that are protected by our TrustedFlash content protection security. These exciting new PMPs, which are shipping for the Holidays in US stores, are targeted at kids 9-12 years old."

-small annoying children at the holiday season = $

Unless it drastically breaks support at 43, doesnt seem much worse, considering the upside. I know its mgt's job to sell the co. blah blah, but i think you were right when you said sndk is the future. It may just not actualize for a few months. Why sell? A trade is a trade, with stop loss in mind, but this one still seems good.
Although I agree with you, it's my job to save a few points when I can. I am not a mutual fund. I manage a relatively small amount of money for a MM.

If I can buy back SNDK cheaper-- will do.
your long this stock? this thing is a trainwreck. Fundamentally believe what you want, but remember mgt is going to "stretch" the truth to make the company appear to be faring better than it is, and technically, you may want to check the lower highs and lower lows the stock has been making over the past year. Don't find the trend my friend.
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