Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Late Day Thought

The bears have been emasculated.

Broker: Oil is going much higher I think but I am wondering how the entire market can rally with O&G going up so much?
Go long oil.
I am so overweight oil that I just called Jenny Craig. She said to call back when oil gets to 68-70.
Holly shit look at the action in the XLE today. Huge volume into the bell. Hope the trend continues.
Beware the ADB (A$$hole Dip Buyers) still rule. They just took the other day off.
ADB-- Nice.

I think I will steal that and make T-shirts.

"I am an A.D.B."

It will sell like bacon in Texas.
....along with all the dumb fuckers still holding SanDisk.
Long uso for 3 bucks now. Nice.
Who is the dumb fucker not holding SNDK today?
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