Monday, November 27, 2006


Position Updates: MVIS, SNDK

Okay, I am getting poleaxed and I don't like it. As many of you know, deep down I was scared of the markets unstoppable bull run and unwillingly covered my shorts, in favor of going long high multiple growth stocks. So far, I am ahead on that move. But, at this break-neck pace, I will be eating red-- sometime very soon.

MVIS announced a special shareholder meeting. My take is blah-- big non-event. They are not issuing new stock, yet. Again, this is a diceroll with enormous upside. However, they do have liquidity constraints and this move will address that--sometime down the road.

SNDK is getting its fucking ass kicked-- all over Wall Street today. Frankly, I fucking hate the stock and wished I would have sold it. I am going to mull over my risk/reward scenario on SNDK and update later.

relax. SNDK is good. it will be over 50 in two weeks. Thats my take on it. i was thinking of buying more today. just wait till that day when the market is up 150.
You may be waiting for a while ragin'cajun. We have put in a top on heavy volume. If we close near low look for a test of 12000 on the Dow. Good luck with SNDK hitting 50 in two weeks.
Very true, but do you honestly think we will fall below 12000. I Don't!
SNDK is a great company, yes the stock is getting F'd in the A today but this day of panic is just that, a day of panic.

I think you made a good call buying all that SNDK, I'm with you.
As fly so eloquently put it "SNDK is the fucking future!"
I bet we test 12,000. I've been trying shorts on QLD for the last week. Finally, it is starting to pay off.
SNDK is a good company. My fear is that it may take till earnings before we see any solid upward movement (seems like it goes up and then down). Must be willing to ride this out in short-term. Seems like similar sentiment to RACK, up some and then down. RACK hit earnings and then went up steadly $7-$8).

Broker, like MVIS, SDMI, CCC. My CORS has been getting its ass kicked in. Got in too high, 24.
Just bought more SNDK!
Bad choice on your part for buying cors after a 4 dollar run up. It barely moves that much in 6months much less a week.
Sorry, I had to sell some SNDK.

However, I still own the majority of my position. I sold some so I have a little to play with, should it get fucking knifed again tomorrow.
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