Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Position Updates: SMDI

Via Briefing:

Research Notable Mentions II : Jefferies believes that despite the recent rally, upside remains to semiconductor stocks. While estimates and growth expectations post CQ3 earnings season are lower, they think sentiment remains positive driven by continued robust end markets in PCs and Wireless Handsets. Among RF/wireless semiconductor companies, they continue to like TXN, QCOM and RFMD. They continue to be positive on INTC, as co should benefit form a healthy PC market and share gains. They also like ARXX and SMDI as their favorite mid/small-cap ideas.

SMDI is doing well today. Grabbed some last week. SNDK is biting the big one again today. Market is slightly red...
Eventually, LFC is going to be a great short. Chinese life insurance, premium growth just took a whack in Oct, stock moving up on unknown, vast?, investment gains, company's buying china bank and other IPOs like crazy, PE now bumping 40. Look at a 3yr chart, it looks just like one of those global warming charts...;) Clearly melting up. Speculation rife, business not.

But if I short it, Citigroup itself will condemn me to heck.

Also shorting SIRF now, long aluminum (check out ACH - better ERS than ERS) and long solar.
whaddya think about mrvl?
I think you should buy the shit out of MRVL and sell 1/2 position at 25. Buy back when it dip below 20 again...Good Luck

What do you think about AAPL at this juncture?

100 by year end? 150 by 2008?
it will never go below 70 again...
ACH looks interesting. What about EFUT? Crazy stock that keeps going up. Not sure I see that more upside with it.
AAPL - commodity stock. not betting against it now, but it will be sub 40 again, likely sub 30. they screw up everytime. this time it'll be their protectionist measures in itunes that does them.
aapl is positioned to dominate home entertainment for the foreseeable future - or perhaps you're hoping for a brown zune under your christmas tree?

copy protection is easily skirted by re-ripping purchased music
brown is a feelgood color: earth, chocolate. don't underestimate its appeal, particularly to women.
brown is a yummy feelgood color: earth, chocolate. don't underestimate its appeal, particularly to women.
yeah - it feels good to unload a brown pile of steaming...
You buy EFUT and your ass deserves to lose money fucker.
EFUT is for river boat gamblers.

AAPL rocks

Fucking hate MRVL

SiRF sucked 10 years of my life

ACH is better than ERS, but ERS is a better trading stock.
I wish people would stop asking about mrvl. What is the good of it, why are you so obsessed? Didn't they announce that they have to restate earnings all the way back to 2000? I don't get it.
MRVL is going to $25, I hate to say it. Oh and APPL will bust through $100 like RIMM did.
AAPL is a play for mid to upper class shoppers. If you are making the moola in the market like Broker has over the year, you will feel generous and buy Ipods and Imac for your family and friends.

AAPL to 100 by 07' and 150 by mid 07'

The split announcement is anough to push another 10%-15% up
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