Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Quick Alert: Bears Now Hunting Bulls

I sense a sentiment change and all of my bear friends are predicting the end of civilization-- as we know it. While it's true, the dollar decline is alarming, these Elliot Wave guys are calling for a 40% drop in the DOW.

Fuck those Elliot guys, who want to inherit a scorched earth.

However, I do suggest taking on some hedges and booking those profits, while you can.

Broker I am trying to position myself for this as well (if the dippers get eaten or shot or their ATM's get unplugged) and I am curious on the long side what you think is safe? I was looking at: energy, healthcare and the homies (worst baked in) as being fairly safe in that environment. Thoughts?
QID is a great long if you are positioning for the worst
Cash under mattress is the best way to position yourself. Trust me it worked back in 2000.
FXE, MZZ and VLO sounds good to me.

Do you think now is a good time to buy PALM?
I hate palm.
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