Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Quick Alert: Bullshit on the Rise

Take a look at this list.

Now, there is two ways to look at this pattern.

On one hand, it's a great way to hit the bases loaded homerun. Conversely, market tops are usually marked by euphoria in micro-small cap garbage.

Bottom line: Be careful, but have fun while it lasts. It could last awhile.

UPDATE: I have decided to put my "balls on the line" and suggest SNDK will close up today. If it doesn't, well, I will have to eat an entire turkey by myself.

Hey Broker,
Any insight in CNVR's earnings? They release them 12/6. Got the stock last week, and a little in the red. Its got pretty hammered over the past year, but leveling off as of late. Seems like it is ready to go up, and some good news lately as well.
I am not optmistic on earnings. Takeover play.
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