Thursday, November 16, 2006


Quick Alert: Get Out of the Way

Just when you think the market may go down, for a day, the glorious dip buyers step in with their bags of cash-- buying whatever resembles a stock. For a long, this is great. Not only is the economy running efficiently (excluding housing), but the market is hell bent on going higher-- no matter how many fucktarded sellers get in the way. Think steam roller.

Anyway, if I were a dip buyer, I would be buying the Semi's, especially SNDK. Furthermore, I am wondering if NDAQ is a buy-- on this dip.

Broker -- I am looking to buy as much of NMX tomorrow as possible on its debut. Do you think it is a good idea? What are your thoughts on it?
you are an unstable man.
No kidding, unstable (I really am unstable though)? Really though what do you think? Not a good idea or what? Looking at the history of all of the exchanges they have just been on fire out of the gate.
comrades i am rounding up dip buyers and shipping them
off to re-education camps in
Anon I am also buying at least 1000s shares at open market to get in on the run to 95. I am looking to make at least 10k in an hour. Of course I am using all the money I have because the BOT popped on first day.
Be careful not to chase it.
Yeah I am looking to take a big initial position. I would like to know why Broker does not think this is wise? I really want to see what the other side of this argument thinks before I jump in head first.
Wow. You sound like a fool for letting such an obvious opportunity slip by. Why not buy 2,000 shares and make 20k? Judging by your well considered plan and your obvious financial genious, I think for prudence's sake, you should.
Who are you people? Fucking NYMEX employees or something?

I am not going to buy a fucking overhyped ipo on its first day like all of you dodo birds, never!
I told you why I won't buy 2000 because I don't have the cash. Stop sounding like a moron.
Use margin, buy 2k, and get super, double, secret rich.

I was being sarcastic, buying 1k or 2k shares at the open is an expensive lotto ticket. Is the nymex only going to be publicly traded for one day or something? It took cme, bot, ice, all about a year to appreciate significantly, which people disregard when speculating how much "nygoog" will make them in one day. I'd say if your not in on the IPO, priced at 57 or whatever, wait.
simon says spend your life savings on all the nymex you can get then retire in costa rica
Your not buying any MVIS today, what's the deal?
This Long is liking the action. Finally!
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