Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Quick Alert: Merril Sinking SNDK

Merril out with a note this morning to "short" SNDK and go long MU. They also made positive comments on FORM and LRCX.

When it comes to research, monkey's throwing shit at the Wall Street Journal are more accurate than Merril. Nonetheless, I thought some of you would like to know why SNDK is down this morning.

I agree with you broker. @43, it is a BUY for long term trade. @40, it is a steal. I went to BBY and CC stores on black Friday. All I saw in hands were Plasmas, Laptops, and digital cameras. Oversupply in the NAND flash market or not. SNDK will do OK this Christmas.
Agreed at $40 is a good price to get back in. I sold off before the market opened.
You sold for a loss sucker after all the pumping. We will be back at 50 before you know it.
Two ways to look at SNDK:

I continue to hold some SNDK long term and view weakness as a potential buying opp.

However, if you are interested in trading: SNDK is a sell right now.

It all depends on your risk tolerance and time horizon.
Exactly my point. Long-term it is a definite buy at 43. A steal at 40. right now, hold the buying until 43. SNDK is the best of breed(borrowing from one of Cramer's lines).
Broker,can you post the part of the note about going long MU, I didn't see it and would like to know what that part said...PEACE and Thanks !
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