Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Energy

In little less than a week, the weather in NYC has gone from tropical to artic cold. With the bulk of the psychotic winter weather ahead, I can't help thinking about oil/gas stocks.

For months, oil/gas stocks have taken a back seat to high multiple tech's. However, the natural speculator in me feels that if NYC weather stays frosty, then I ought to be positioning, now, in a few oil/gas stocks.

Currently, my largest oil holding is VLO. However, I also have positions in GMXR,UPL, SU, VSE, NGAS, CEO, TSO, CHK and SWN.

Aside from oil/gas:

The market looks like it's setting up to run higher. I am noticing strength in Gold, Steel, Internet and Wireless stocks.

Bottom line: Oil/gas looks like the leader today. But, don't count out the techies from making a late day run.

NOTE: MVIS turning around today. And, please take the new "Fly Survey." Are you Bullish or Bearish on the markets?

The following Energy stocks have mojo:

USEY +9%
PEIX +7.2%
SYNM +4.7%
EPEX +3.5%
IOC +3.4%
ERF +3.4%
NGS +2.7%

What is the deal? I took survey and get a "free laptop ad"

Is this for real?


I realy enjoy your site.
Thank you.

No, it's not for real.
Where can I pick up my free laptop. Thanks in advance.
Fuck you.
Those were some good fades you mentioned there. I am looking forward to the next mojo list so I can fade those too. :)

When it comes to oil stocks, just look at uso and ask yourself, do I want to be long that complex right now?
My positions are holding.

The "mojo list" is not a recommendation list. It represents the most up in a particular sector.

And, to answer your question: Yes. Oil represents 10% of my weighting.

Just in case you want to say anything cute: Let me hit you with a preemptive fuck you.
Which one/two of these oil/gas has the most upside? GMXR,UPL, VSE, NGAS, CEO, TSO, CHK and SWN.
Thoughts on CLF? Looks a little expensive. Saw you mention it yesterday. ERS has gone up lots in last 2 days (very crazy stock!)
I do not own CLF. Let me do some more HW. I mentioned it because of the chart.
Cool, thanks.
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