Friday, November 17, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Metals

Nothing pleases an asshole dip buyer more than a down market. With the Nazz in the red here (-6), I feel the "powers that be" will give it a college try to make it green-- by days end.

Today, if you are long the Metals, you are certainly feeling your oats-- with monster gains in X, STLD, and NUE. I like the sector and feel it is cheap.

As for Tech:

I like the action in SNDK and KLAC. However, for the most part, the Techies are taking the day off-- as all of you fuckers are waiting to buy NYMEX. Please.

Finally, I am taking a close look at SWN and CHK. Has anyone noticed, despite fucking tropical-like weather in NYC, natural gas is now trading @ $8.11? I'm thinking of getting out of my lounge chair, putting the pina-colada down, and buying me some SWN (my favorite natural gas stock).

The following Metal stocks have mojo:

X +8.7%
STLD +4.9%
CLF +4.6%
NUE +4.4%
ATI +3.7%

Where's that goon from yesterday that said I was dumb for buying NMX Ipo. I picked up 500 and sold within 10 mins for a 10k profit. Munch on that fucker.
You are a madman.
A richer madman, at the moment.
I like CHK but it has been stuck in the mother of all trading ranges the entire year. It's hedged so it's not going down a lot but jeez, what'll make it go up?

NG stocks need hot summers and hurricanes and cold winters. They're almost a bet on the weather.
Broker, you buying metals now?
Not yet. I am eyeballing them, especially ERS.
you keep saying u "feel" stuff is cheap- wgaf. nmx was feelin cheap at 120 w/ zero 1min lower lows until up around 150.
Fuck you and the NYMEX.
Broker: what is your opinion surrounding the new taxes on all Canadian trusts. I own PWI and PWE for purely income and got clobbered of late. Do you think they will pass this ruling? Know anyone who knows more about this?

Thanks in advance for your insights.
I do think it will pass. However, I also believe that if that law passes, American LBO's will buy it from the Canadian fuckers and domicile them here.

The trusts will be a buy, once the law passes.
bad news, you are dumb--but lucky too. And thats all that counts in the stock world. Congrats on an easy 10g's.

Congrats. Spend it well.
Oh do not worry guys, I will put profits in the next hot IPO and let everyone bash on me once again.
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