Thursday, November 16, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

The CPI was great, so the market should rip higher, right? Not so fast fuckers.

Generally, the market makes an ass out of its participants, regularly. Yours truly included in a big way. However, I tend to never believe in any trend, a natural skeptic if you will, which enables me to "flip-flop" my bias within minutes. As a result, I have produced consistant, but volatile, returns for years.

Potentially, today would be a classic reversal day, where the fuckers on the exchange floor play misdirection with the small, piker, investor.

Meaning: Since everyone thinks the market is going up today, it will probably go down.

As for the Semi's:

They are selling off a bit here. AMAT, SLAB and LRCX are the biggest laggards, while crazy people pile into IRSN and RMBS.

All in all, today should be an interesting bear-bull fight. For now, my money is on the bull.

NOTE: Today, I will be allocating new money raised. So, you will see an unusual amount of "Fly Buys."

Come out come out where ever you are dippers. You son of a bitches better not bail now.

Market is up and most of my shit is down, how are the internals Fly?
MRVL reports after the close. I was wandering why you don't like MRVL?
When I look their chips are in IPODS, Blackberry,Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Cisco routers, laptops,etc Its shareprice has been killed since this summers highs. Help me not to lose my capital. You've done it before.
I hate MRVL because they never impress me. Their earnings reports are for shit.
That not a million cheesburgers
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