Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Wireless

So far, the dip buyers have retaken control of the market and have subjected the sellers to the "whipping post," once again. We are enjoying a broad market rally, with the exception of SNDK.

Again, I like the action in the Energy sector and suggest adding to quality names, such as VLO, SU, CEO or SWN.

As for the Wireless sector:

It happens to be on fire today. Spearheaded by VIP (a position of mine), the Wireless sector, for the most part has been overlooked this year. Moreover, stocks like VIP, NIHD and IDCC have performed nothing less than stellar.

The following Wireless stocks have mojo:

WTT +13%
VIP +6.8%
TPC +5%
AMT +4.1%
LEAP +3.4%
AMX +2.6%
GRRF +2.5%

NOTE: Foreign telco's are also looking very strong today. Perhaps it has something to do with the wheelbarrow dollar.

could it possibly make sense to chase TIE/ATI/RTI here? Or was Citigroup just trying to screw over Alcan for not letting THEM do the deal ...?

Solar is making me happy. Ethanol would be but ethanol traders seem to think margins don't matter, only oil, or Democrats. Makes no sense to me. Eventually you gotta have profits.
I hear good things about VSE.
... other than the last 30 days chart, you mean?

ok, i'll go do homework. but next summer corn is still $4/bushel, even if the demos bump up mandates, how will ethanol guys make big bucks?
What is a good entry point for VIP?
Yea SNDK is getting spanked, very ugly. I like the idea about SU, love those guys. Solar - How about ESLR, they've had a rough year but whenever they can become profitable, it's fucking on like donkey kong.
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