Monday, December 04, 2006


Closing Comments

Damn, what a day!

My positions are up so much, I feel giddy. Today, I enjoyed unusual gains in VIP, GERN, GILD, NETL, AGE, NTRI, STI and AKAM. The only places I lost money was in the oil patch and MVIS.

By the way, I suspect MVIS will stop going lower, the closer they get to "unveiling" the projector phone-- which is scheduled for early January.

As for today's trading:

It doesn't make any sense to recap, because everything was on fucking fire.

Just know this:

If you are still short U.S. equities and feel stocks are on the verge of getting poleaxed-- you are a fucktarded, dickless, asshat.

Trade up, bitches!

Are you concerned that the projector phone is going to follow in the footsteps of beta vision.
Sure. I am also scared of the Lockness Monster and Bigfoot spoiling my vacation plans.


Missed the entire day because of a damn golf game today in socal.

However, I am home now and reading your blog and LMAO.

Thanks and congrats on your day!
Thats funny and Imy sentiments about it being easy but why jinx it with the tude :)
"Today, I enjoyed unusual gains in VIP, GERN, GILD, NETL, AGE, NTRI, STI and AKAM."

HUH? Pretty low threshold for "unusual gains"

VIP +.32
GERN -.22
GILD +.08
NETL -1.01
AGE +.64
NTRI +.06
STI +.20
AKAM +.25

AND, how did you buy NDAQ at 37.95 when the low print today was 38.08?

Just curious...
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