Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Closing Comments

Today, I got smoked in HANS, losing more than a buck intra-day. In fairness to the buy, it was not intended to be timely. It was bought because I wanted to add to an existing position-- which I own much lower.

My oil positions had a good day, but sold off towards the end of the session.

In short, today was mundane and entirely uneventful-- with the exception to the asshole who was heckling me in my comments section.

Aside from the Homebuilders, I liked the action in the Networkers, specifically CIEN, EQIX, GIGM, DIVX and JDSU.

Bottom line: I have a lot of cash piling up and nowhere to invest it. Hopefully, the market will dip a little, so that I may instruct my servant/trader to go ahead and dip-buy.

Did you buy any gold today? Looks like Europe is going to raise rates, should cause another sell off in the dollar. is online again
I like small banks right now. Anything reasonably profitable with a small market. Logic being that a slowing housing market and high personal debt will put pressure on them, and bargains will get gobbled up by thieving fuckheads like Citibank and Bank of America, or by enterprising mid size banks like 5/3rd, or MAFB.

I also like companies in the housing market, but it seems there are few good investment choices in that segment other than my current position in BXC.

I want to short Canada, because they suck dirty pee-pee.
I love the action in EQIX too (I think that is how I found HundredPercenter), my portfolio was up instead of down today thanks to that stock. It has grown to my largest position in my portfolio, just ahead of JNJ.

I'm starting to get a bit of cash built up again as well. Don't know when I'll put it to use, probably after the 1st of the year (on a pullback of 5-8%)
I'm leaning into some of the recent IPO's, OMAB, FSLR, APKT. And the RNIN, probably a POS, but it's small float and being spoken of as an FMCN clone.
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