Friday, December 08, 2006


Closing Comments

I had a big week, up more than 3%-- with most of my meaningful positions appreciating nicely.

As for today's trading:

With the dollar strengthening, it didn't surprise me to see oil trade lower. Again, I am a firm believer in the dollar versus oil story. Moreover, I believe the dollar may gain short term, but ultimately will reach new lows. Therefore, oil seems like a good place to park cash.

Once gain, the Networkers were on fucking fire, with oversized gains in FFIV, RBAK and TLAB (position of mine). Again, I am in the camp that believes the Networkers will be the best sector in 2007. Any dip should be met with buys.

Finally, I hope many of you are making money in the market now. It is always difficult to time the market and pick the right stocks, especially when working with limited resources. At the same time, it is equally important to book profits and protect your downside.

My point: Despite my super bullish tone, please don't get caught up in euphoria. Always consider your risk threshold when taking down positions and live by them. You may sell too quickly or buy too early, but you will never get poleaxed to the point where your wife has to divorce you-- because you are a dickless, fucktarded, asshat.

Have a great weekend!

Nice day Broker, well done, some outstanding calls lately, even if you got out early or not, you still called 'em early. I understand that you are bullish on oil but are you still feeling the love for nat gas?
Broker - I'm a frequent trader of HANS but as far as MVIS is concerned - cheap stocks are cheap for a reason -

Have a good December.
"cheap stocks are cheap for a reason"

With that attitude, you close yourself off from the "potential homerun."

Trading is your game, not mine. I am in for scalps and big winners. However, at the same time, limit my losses.

A very delicate tight wire to balance that only a select few could accomplish.

(Broker A taps himself on the shoulder with pride)
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