Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Fly Buy: HANS

I bought 2,000 HANS @ $32.35.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 HANS @ $32.44.

Disclaimer: If you buy HANS because of this post, you may step on chewing gum the next time you go for a slice of pizza. And, you may lose money.

Seems to be a good day for squeezes. HANS, NTRI going bonkers.

Tell me what you think of ZOLT - up 15% 2 days. RBS says billions of miles of carbon fiber based oil pipe needed for deep sea rigs ... could result in CF price pressures ;) The oil rig CF story isn't new, but actual money seems to be getting closer. ER in a week or so. I generally like actual money but the question on CF is ability to produce.
NTRI is on fire.

Let me do some hw on ZOLT.
you got TOP-pled my friend - better luck next time - fly-boy !

Fuck off Fucker.

I own this stock from 5 bucks
whatever ! temper temper !
ya know ... there is more worth saying here than just the quip above ...
> In short, today was mundane
> and entirely uneventful--
> with the exception to
> the asshole who
> was heckling me in my
> comments section.

... if you dont like comments, then close them off on your blog spot!

if you want to justify a bad one time trade on the fact you have a huge up position, fine.

but if you cant take a little jab, then you have bigger problems than making an excuse for a missed play.

I am fucking with you.
br a:

fair enuf ... now lets make some fucking profit ...

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