Friday, December 08, 2006


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 10,000 shares of MVIS @ $2.75.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 MVISW @ $1.26.

UPDATE II: I bought 8,000 MVISW @ $1.27.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, locusts will destroy your garden. And, you may lose money.

Shit, how much do you have now?
300,000 +85,000 warrants.

Still going...
go ahead, say it: MVIS is on fire.

My uncorrelated pair trade of the month: short LFC, buy AMGN. My LFC short is now actually profitable (whew!); I think the world is slowly coming around to view that LFC's overpriced and I don't think insti holders would bother supporting it anywhere near this level. I think AMGN is due for the mother of all bounces, unless the Dems decide to send all American dialysis patients to front-line duty in Anbar, thereby solving two problems with one move.
Broker if you don't mind could you tell me what you are willing to pay for MVIS? Am I too late to the game on it? I have read all of the information about the projector and I likey. I know you have done a lot of leg work here so your opinions are appreciated.
fly boy ! ... you da man on dis one ... good work Broker A ! ...
you rock - thanks for work !

micro_idot, bows with appreciation
ditto on micro_idot's appreciation - like ERS, MVIS is another stock I probably would have never heard of, so thanks again.
In order to share the profits where do I send the $$$$?
Thank You.

Hey, by the way, MVIS is on fucking fire!

Honestly, considering they have a road show Dec.17-18th and the CES conference early January, I'd buy the stock here.

I'd buy it up to $4.
Oh, the warrants are cheap, compared to common.

"In order to share the profits where do I send the $$$$?"

I don't need your fucking money, I'm rolling in it:)
Merry xmas to you and your family broker A.
I should have bought MVIS at 2.45 the other day. Damn you for disclosures. LOL
I am in for the ride, good thing I don't give a Fuck about my garedn.
Disclaimer: If you hold MVIS because is these posts, you may be able to ingest a LifeSaver without incident. And, you should make money.
Just shorted 10k share block at 3.10 Yeah I know its stupid but to many punk ass daytraders hop'd in and this will be back to 2.70 in no time. Mark my words fuckers.
Merry Christmas to you too, fucker.

Good luck with your short.
Broker: please give me 101 course on Warrants vs. common stocks. Specifically MVISW vs. MVIS I am new to investing and a bit retarded
A warrant is a derivative security that gives the holder the right to purchase securities (usually equity) from the issuer at a specific price within a certain time frame. Warrants are often included in a new debt issue as a "sweetener" to entice investors. The main difference between warrants and call options is that warrants are issued and guaranteed by the company, whereas options are exchange instruments and are not issued by the company. Also, the lifetime of a warrant is often measured in years, while the lifetime of a typical option is measured in months.
Warrants give you the right to exercise and buy the common at $2.65. Basically, it's a way to lever yourself to the move in the common.

Once upon a time, INTC had warrants attached INTCW.

If the stock trades 5.30+ for 20 days, the company has the right to call the warrants, 13 million of them, @ $2.65 or 34.45 million smackers.
It's best for all if he's busy doing something more important. Go read page 27 -
With the action in MVIS you probably don't give 2 shits about the stent game going on. Which side are you on? And whats your best play?
I have been out of healthcare for awhile. The only positions I hold, long term, are DNA, GILD, APPX, GERN and NTRI.
Which is the smarter investment at this point. The common or the warrant?

Thanks for your thoughts.
Hi broker. Thanks for MVIS! I own CSWC from 116 and didn't sell yesterday - do you think I should sell here or give it some more time? I don't have many shares...

I enjoy your blog daily!
I'd hold it.
So a warrant is like an option except it is issued by the company. And if the stock trades above 5.30 for 20+ days, the company can call your warrants and pays you 2.65. Why would anyone limit to a net gain up to 2.65? Isn't there a time expiration on this warrants?
Your gain is not limited. You have the right to buy the common at 2.65
anon 1:03

By my math, if you hold all of CSWC's non-HLYS marks at 9/30/06 constant, and if you assume HLYS will hold $33, CSWC's new NAV is about $172.50.

I have no idea if either assumption is realistic.
So if MVIS goes to $10. You net 10-2.65. WOW!

Then, can you exercise your warrants with your regular online brokerage acct. or you need a full broker for this? Does this warrant expire at all?
If you Google MVISW you will see it has an expiration of 5 years.

so much for the 2.7 short target - sucker ! ... i guess fly boy is to the moon on this one... lol
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