Thursday, December 07, 2006



I knew CSWC was the parent company of soon to ipo Heely's (HLYS). As a matter of fact, I wrote about it, bought some and even bragged about it about to my fucking friends. Big hot shot, if you will.

So what did I do?

I bought 200 (that's right 200) fucking piddly shares @ $117 and SOLD them @ $127. Why, you might ask?

Because it only traded 5,000 shares per day (too illiquid for me) and I figured everyone who's anyone already knew about their relationship to HLYS.


Today with CSWC +10, I herby crown myself a fucktarded, dickless, asshat.

NOTE: If anyone bought CSWC because of me, and still owns it, please let me know.

Whoa, a little extreme in the full disclosure. Very refreshing.
Broker, what do you think of TLAB after its downgrade from JPMorgan? I am thinking about purchasing some shares at these level considering its relatively cheap with its peers.

AKAM on fire.
sold at 145, GREAT call, made my day. makes up for selling my nue calls yesterday.

take satisfaction in knowing you were right. (little consolation, I know) I was unware of CSWC until you, and your raison d'etre is to make other people money. At the very least, I can paypal you $1,000 karma points
You still banked $2000 to buy the kids christmas presents. Be happy.
Cramer just pumped CSWC as play on heelys ipo on CNBC Stop Trading. Said $200 soon. shot up $3.50 in seconds.
holy fuck
You should practice what you preach. Amen!

Don't worry your MVIS is going to the moon soon...

Can't get them all.
Speaking of MVIS:

Roadshow scheduled Dec.17th-18th.

--Look for an announcement soon, regarding mass production of a stand alone projector that would be sold everywhere.
Is this the raging bull website :)
You only left 5 g's on the table. shot through 149.99 and spiraled up after madman Cramer pump.

Such a goofball!
"You only left 5 g's on the table. shot through 149.99 and spiraled up after madman Cramer pump."

I am less upset over where I sold it and more that I didn't buy more-- considering my internal price target was 155.
11:00 and they still haven't opened HLYS yet. This bitch is gonna rip outta the gate.
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