Friday, December 08, 2006


Position Updates: BWLD, HANS

I feel both stocks, which are on fucking fire, are cheap. Long term, I emphatically believe HANS will be at new highs. As for BWLD, there is room for a double, within 18 months.

Aside from Hansen's Monster Energy drink, they are going at Kool-Aid hard with organic pouch juices.

Enjoy the squeeze, if you are in.

NOTE: This is turning out to be one of the best days of the year for me. It goes to show, just last week I was whining like a little bitch about fucking up trades and lack of vacation time-- then POW.

fly boy: ... he he ... some days are better than others - relish it while it lasts ! but in all due respect - you stuck to yer guns on HANS and you be in the green.
Fuck off little fucker with all due respect micro-idot.

Broker B
Micro_idot is cool.

He's not a fucker.
What the hell is going on with oil???
dollar strength
Broker A -- Congrats on the good week, I know you had another killer day this week I believe you said too. In my opinion this tape has not been the easiest to read up here but I think your dollar calls and plays on it have been spot on. I love oil here and I think we will have the opposite of Europe's winter (last year they were frozen, this year they will be hot) which should squeeze these oil shorts. $70 before the new year I think.

I like your play on SPR and I know the company well, they are doing really well right now with their business.

What are your thoughts on the homies here after that bitch from Credit Suisse came out and downgraded them? I think she did that to spite the Citi analyst.

Good Luck!
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