Friday, December 08, 2006


Position Updates: MVIS, HANS

It is my belief that anyone who buys stocks soley by looking at the chart is flying blind and is probably mentally ill. However, if I was one of those guys, I'd say MVIS has a pretty handsome chart. But, lucky for me and you, I did some hw too. Here goes.

- Internal plans to embed a mini projector inside a cellphone is for late '08.

- The company will unveil a Picop projector on January 7th or 8th, 2007 that is 10x smaller than previous prototype.

-No exclusivity deals yet. The company is holding out for a sweeter deal.

-The company intends to start a beta trial on a "stand alone" projector that would be used as an accesory to mobile devices, such as video iPods, cellphones etc. Starting retail price @ $300 will gradually come down, as volume picks up. Margins will be in the 30% range.

-Timeline on HUD is for late '08.

- If the stock price closed at or above $5.30 for 20 days, the company has the right to call 13 million warrants @ $2.65. In other words, they would receive 34.45 million dollars.

Considering their need for cash, I feel the company has one heck of an incentive to see its shares trade above $5.30. Also, I anticipate some positive press, prior to the company "unveiling" its new Picop in early January. And, finally, look for headline grabbing licensing deals with a big cellphone manufacturer-- should the company report significant progress in developing the Picop.

Via Briefing:

HANS Hansen Natural reports milestone Monster Energy sales (31.59 )

Co announces that it has already achieved more than $500 mln in gross sales of its Monster Energy drinks since Jan 1, 2006. Co says this milestone of a half bln dollars of gross sales of Monster Energy drinks occurred during Nov and reflects the continued growth and strength of the Monster Energy brand.

Thanks Broker. I think management is proven and can deliver.
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