Friday, December 01, 2006


Position Updates: VLO

Via Briefing:

BofA raises estimates on refiners; VLO top pick

Banc of America reits their positive view of the Refiners, despite the recent rally. Firm sees room for a 10% further rally, and says VLO remains their top pick while SUN replaces TSO as their #2 pick. Firm says refining margins recovered near $10/bl following extended maintenance, with utilization near 88% for over six weeks. At these levels they see steady profitability supporting the sector through to its expected seasonal March rally, and raise their 2006-07 earnings estimates 5-10% on avg due to higher margins coming out of Q4.

PTEN call interesting, Cramer digs it, just banged the table. does anyone have stats on cramer and broker A reco correlation? btw, anyone looking to hedge, play the short should take a long look at QID. great moves when the market is stomped, will be self explanatory when you see what it is. on another note, page 6 has snoop and suge going at it. that ends badly for snoop, no?
Broker all I am hearing now is healthcare healthcare healthcare. What are your thoughts in this environment given the 440 TN and the ISM numbers? By the way I am still loving the shit out of oil.
Watching cramer bang a table on any stock is as helpful as a homeless person giving me financial advice.
"does anyone have stats on cramer and broker A reco correlation?"

just ask him - BrokerA, are you a cramer clone ;) ??

more importantly, if you'd not been recently abused by SNDK, would you be buying it here? I'm thinking it's about paid it's dues. Those paragons of conservative pricing, Morningstar, just upped fair value to 57 and I think large quantities of '07 semi gloom have been priced in.

Also, good time to buy TTM.
Healthcare is a minefield.
Downgrade on your exchange pick NDAQ and target reduced to 35. Is this buying opportunity BrokerA?
jerry ball, early to be stepping into losers re SNDK. Keep an eye on the calender, there's a couple busted ipos, CSIQ etc, that will pop once the sell the losers crowd moves on. 11am anon, what are you hearing re healthcare? i can't find a bullish angle re the pelosi gang. Maybe charlie rangel will explain???
As far as healthcare:

And a lot of commentators that I have been hearing from. I don't have a position as of now but I am just wondering peoples opinions.
I think SNDK has flipped course, amazing trade op, and TTM, that stock is like the screaming 5 year buy if there is one. Why's it breaking out so hard today?
SNDK is not breaking out hard and I expect it to hit 42 by next week.
--Hate healthcare

--Not a "Cramer clone"

--SNDK will get punished

--NDAQ is a buy-- next week.

--Oil is sweet
i meant ttm is breaking out. and yeah, sndk no longer looks so hot, reversal today is no good.
--Hate healthcare

--Not a "Cramer clone"

--SNDK will get punished

--NDAQ is a buy-- next week.

--Oil is sweet

that's fine, but what are you hearing about Snoop and Suge?
I'm hearing Suge is going to eat Snoop for lunch.
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