Monday, December 04, 2006


Quick Alert: CNBC Now Online

"Trade up" fuckers.

What exactly does the term "trade up" or "game on" mean anyway? I suppose some 50 year old marketing genious at CNBC made up those terms in order to appeal to the younger, yet poorer, demographic.


As for the site:

If you enjoy watching Dylan, Maria, Bob and the rest of the gang try really hard to "make you money," and make your fucking head explode-- now you get to see them on the web. Great news for those who care to "trade up."

Quick Thought: "Fuck trading Up"
Whats up with MVIS, acting like it wants to go down.
Great post and well said. Those old fucks at CNBC need to have guys like you on the show, get with times and quit trying to appeal to a crowd that could give a shit less and smell the horseshit from 10 miles away.
"trade up" is what jonathan steinberg will be doing in roughly 3 years.
""trade up" is what jonathan steinberg will be doing in roughly 3 years."

Clever post. I love it.

CNBC lost its appeal when the bubble burst.
I still feel MVIS is a screaming buy here. I guess I am crazy-- cause none else seems to agree.
Broker a with a classic. maybe a show their for wallstrip.
Thanks. I am a classic making machine.
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