Friday, December 01, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Energy

Once again, the dollar is getting poleaxed. However, this time, owners of U.S. equities are getting punished for it.

If this doesn't stop, I will be forced to sell all sorts of long positions and go short, in a BIG way. But, considering my recent experiences, short U.S. equities, I think I'll wait until the market confirms a breakdown.

I still like the oil patch. Moreover, I feel it is the best way, aside from buying FXE, to hedge the dollar decline.

For now, prepare for lower stock prices.

NOTE: Within oil/gas. I like VLO, PTEN, UPL, SWN and NGAS the best.

The following Energy stocks have mojo:

AEN +7.3%
SYMN +4.1%
NGS +2.7%
JDO +2.7%
DO +2.1%
CCJ +2.1%

Cramer is telling Erin that when he ran his hedge fund he single handily would move the markets whichever way he wanted. This is what Cramer says some hedge funds are doing right now and is what caused the big decline. What a joker.
Treasurys rally on recession concerns so the fucktards bid the builders again. The fundies won't turn until at least spring '08 at the earliest and they push CTX to 18x forward earnings and almost 1.3x book. Morons.

Put on a dollar neutral paired trade: Long SPY, short IWM. The large cap SPY should get more benefit from falling dollar via exports than the small cap fuckers in the IWM. Additionally, small caps are richly valued relative to the SPY.
How about gold? It should do well in this environment. Personally I'm long miners and short QLD (I shorted near the highs).
Everyone is chasing gold, when the dollar bounces the fools will get hammered. Look at the NAZ, the Bears are WEAK!! They will be lucky to hold a triple digit loss. Int. Rates are coming down, multiples will expand and shorts will be roasted.
I was referring to gold long term. I've been in USAGX (precious metals fund) for 3 years now.

BTW, since when do stocks do well in a recessionary environment? I think your in denial, along with 80 percent of the rest of crowd. :)
What's happening to your bear rally?
Did someone just take a giant shit?
If we finish green, well.... I just may laugh :)
The fuckers can't cover fast enough!!
Check this music video out
First of all cramer could move the market. Was a different game when he was working for a living. His nonsense about what goes on today is crap, whether it's this comment or his nonsense about option pins.
Second, re "Treasurys rally on recession concerns so the fucktards bid the builders again."
So what?
Nice vid.
Nice vid.

What do you think of the Canadian Oil Stocks CLL and UTS? They both have solid holdings in the oil sands of alberta
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