Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Food and Beverage

I love researching the Food and Beverage sector. There is nothing like finding a drink or restaurant chain before everyone else and making a bundle in the stock.

People love to eat and drink, so making money in a well managed food company is not very difficult. I have been long KO, BWLD, PEP, HANS, PZZA, FMX, WFMI, OATS and others for awhile-- rarely do they disappoint.

Granted, you are going to have to endure growing pains and corporate fuck-ups. But, for the most part, my Food and Beverage portfolio has been smooth sailing.

Out of all the Food and Beverage names, I like BWLD best. The food is great and the growth is phenomenal. Plus, they have seasonality working for them-- with the Super Bowl right around the corner.

NOTE: I don't understand why WBD (Russian Beverage company) goes up everyday-- but it does.

The following Food and Beverage stocks have mojo:

WBD +3.9%
PTMK +3.5%
COT +2.3%
HANS +2%
DEG +1.6%

I shorted divx at 28.61. I owe 2200 shares.
Good luck
Then it ran on me and caused me to shit my pants, still in it though.
In the beverage space, look at GBVS. It's run by the guy who guided Arizona Ice Tea and eventually sold it.
cramer has been pumping BWLD for a few months too.
when cramer pumps i dump.
Would you start buying AAPL now for a trade in Jan?
AAPL should not be bought. It looks weak and is in the beginning of a downtrend.
Thanks man!
Broker, what do you think about the jobs report tomorrow? Thanks
TIVO is looking good to me, what are your thoughts on them partnering with apple?
I have been looking at Google acquiring TIVO. I love it at a market cap of around 500 million.
--AAPL goes to $115.

--I do not like TIVO.

--CSWC rocks
re: AAPL ... i agree that i_shit
is going up up up...

but wait fer the pullback ... i actually shorted it yesterday for a small clip ... it is still going down locally - so SHORT in the very near term ...

or build a position in the longer term ... in any event - Yes she is gonna pop.
I am long WBD.
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