Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Sector Spotlight: Foreign Internet's

Once again, the fucking Chinese and Indian internet stocks are running up. As a matter of fact, anything Chinese is on fire.

Honestly, I don't understand why anyone would pay 100x+ earnings for BIDU-- but they do. The canned line "they are the GOOG of China" is completely and utterly fucktarded. Unlike BIDU, GOOG is coining money and pretty much dominates the internet-- as we know it. So please, no more "BIDU is the Chinese GOOG" bullshit. Please. That's like saying, the Mexican Navy is just like the U.S. Navy, minus all the fucking missiles and nuclear subs and shit.

Aside from the asshattery in BIDU, similar asshats may be found in REDF, SOHU, TOMO and IIJI.

NOTE: I love oil.

I want to have COP's babies.
Broker, if I remember correctly you have a long position in URBN. Do you have any idea why it popped 7% yesterday? I'm not complaining, just curious.
Here's a heads up:

After two months of non-stop selling in CVS and WAG, the sellers are done.

Someone new wants in. They've been taking stock in size at the offer for three days. Beautiful.
I do own URBN-- good memory.

To be honest, I didn't even bother to check why it gapped up yesterday.

I guess the teenies are buying their clothes, again.
great observation! keeping in the chinese tradition of tscdma, evd...BIDU is just another rip off of an american success story. Have you seen the site its the same as google. The chinese internet market is no where near where the US market is in the form of ad revenue..F BIDU! suprised they didnt call it GUUGLE
I love oil too and I am overweight like Jared from Subway but when do you think we will see it start to rise? Its cold as shit in the Midwest.
Take a longer term view of oil beyond the weekly weather forecast in the eastern U.S. Geesh!
how can you argue with a culture of steal all technology and make it cheaper and better ... sorry Fly-Boy ... you miss the point on BIUD - chinses have only (or less than) 10% with broadband access and that will gorw in a major way over the next 10 years ... thus the BIDU play ... think you missed the boat on the who point about BIDU ... 100x earns ... who cares ... it is a friggin BILLION chinese that makes the diff !
Some people will always be fed and some will learn how to hunt.
Oh, by the way, fuck-off.

Kind Regards,

Broker A
SAC owns a bunch of BIDU, those guys don't get much wrong. Outside of trying to hire B Hunter, that is.
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